Cotemar Mexico's Curiosity In Varied Sectors Of The Economy

EL ambiente s muy enfocado al trabajo, muchos compromisos de entrega de ya. pero en basic dentro de lo posible.. un poco estresador. Libranzas de tuberías sujetas a presión aplicando los procedimientos críticos, utilización del equipo de respiración autónomo, brigadista contra incendio, reportes diario de actividades, manejo del SSPA, exponer la vida propia en campo, lo que mas me gusto del trabajo fue el trato que dan en la plataforma habitaciónal ya que recibes las 3 comidas del día, sala, cine, gimnasio, y al bajar de plataforma viáticos de transporte.
Cotemar was founded about 37 years ago Its goal on the time was to be a service supplier for the oil trade in Mexico. Cotemar has developed a big fleet of over 30 vessels that makes it possible for the company to supply these providers. Cotemar is continually in search of new ways to expand its providers within the oil business. Cotemar has had a constructive impression on the oil & gas trade in Mexico and beyond.

Cotemar understands that its current place reflects hard work and dedication of its worker and, thus, it is dedicated to hiring, growing, and retaining its employees. Cotemar and this company provides logistic help vessels that help in the transportation of employees and light supplies, meals, and processing fluids in the Campeche Sound. Sipsa specializes in modernization and engineering of offshore processing centers.
To support offshore operations , Cotemar has established a hotel in Ciudad del Carmen that offers lodging companies between crew modifications. Cotemar gives offshore upkeep services by way of its wide range of vessels with dynamic positioning programs. Cotemar´s specialised vessels additionally transport lightweight items and personnel throughout the Campeche Bay. These vessels provide the mandatory link between Ciudad del Carmen and the offshore. Companies that Cotemar gives its purchasers embody lodging, room service, and catering.

Con la finalidad de mantener una relación directa con nuestros proveedores, en COTEMAR desarrollamos un portal en el que se puede encontrar la información necesaria de consulta y actualización generada para el cumplimiento de los ciclos de compra de cada proveedor. Además el Hércules se mantiene trabajando para diversas áreas de Cotemar para el traslado de private para trasladar materiales.
Cotemar Specialized Vessel Companies permits straightforward transport of personnel, tools, lightweight material and other commodities that could be of use to the crew. Ever since its formation, Cotemar has witnessed a progress in energy , and in consequence, it has managed to accumulate more rigs and increase its market share. Among its recent achievements is the awarding of a contract of the Cuichapa Poniente area that was assigned to Servicios a la Industria Petrolera Lifting de Mexico, which is a subsidiary of Cotemar.
With the assistance of specialized vessels which are in the firm's offshore oilfields, the group has been in a position to expand and offer companies to Petroleos Mexicanos. Through these offshore fields, Cotemar is able of providing services that are protected and stuffed with high quality that meets all their shopper Cotemar's expectations. In the beginning, it only provided lodging and catering Cotemar started increasing rapidly very early on of their skilled profession. In the yr 2013 Cotemar became able to begin the development means of their brand new accommodation rig named Atlantis.

Actualmente contamos con 8 Plataformas Semi Sumergibles, 18 embarcaciones de soporte especializadas (que se encuentran completamente a nuestro cargo) y 9 barcos procesadores de fluidos de perforación que se encuentran activos en la Sonda de Campeche. With a broad portfolio of providers , Cotemar works to make sure that every little thing within the petroleum sector runs smoothly.
Initially, Cotemar Mexico was formed as a service company that might cater to the vitality sector in the beginning at However inside time, they expanded their providers and operations to different areas which made them one of many leading service companies on this sector. To ensure their excellent service quality, Cotemar always focuses on creating a world-class workforce on Because of this; they have partnered with a few of the key players within the business to supply the best employees. If working as an engineer on an offshore oil rig is your dream, then working in Cotemar Mexico is extremely really useful.

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